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Clear lines and save the universe in Sorus Shield

Sorus Shield breathes new life into classic gameplay.

Free the universe in Sorus Shield, a Tetris-style puzzler

Aliens are invading and you need to use your light mines to save the universe in this new, shape-moving puzzle game.

Upcoming minimalist game Fallen mixes pinball and Tetris

This upcoming game looks amazing, and is addictive to play.

Tetris meets a sliding puzzle in Tricky Block

Sliding, shifting, and shapes will definitely challenge you in this new puzzler.

Noodlecake unveils upcoming 'Tetris meets Threes' puzzle game Joinz

What do you get when you cross Tetris with Threes? Joinz, that's what.

Electronic Arts Updates Tetris Blitz With New Watch Feature And More Improvements

Electronic Arts has just updated Tetris Blitz with a new Watch feature along with several other enhancements.

Download Tetris Free Through The Apple Store App

The retro game from developer EA features improved controls and a number of social features.

Frenzied Tetrimino-Stacking Game Tetris Blitz Gets New Features Through First Update

Tetris Blitz has just been issued its first ever update.

Best New Games Of The Week

Put the Beatdown! on your boss, and play some upside down Tetris. We have the best new games of the week on today's AppAdvice Daily.

Get Labor Day And Back To School Savings On These Great Apps For A Limited Time

Labor Day is nearly upon us, and what better way to celebrate than by providing the working class with some discounts, right? This limited time sale includes apps for the little ones and the more mature.

EA Mobile Offers Huge iOS App Price Reductions In 'Back To School' Promotion

Good news, app fans: EA Mobile, the publisher of a large number of popular iOS applications, is offering iDevice owners huge savings on iPhone and iPad games (up to 80 percent off!) as part of a "back to school" promotion.

This Ain’t Your Mama’s Tetris, You’ve Got A Lot To Learn

Play this falling-block game with a unique twist. You may be good at Tetris, but this is a whole new puzzle.

Tetris For iPhone Gets Revamped

Electronic Arts has re-released Tetris on your iPhone. So how is the new version of this classic game? Read on to find out.

Top AppAdvice News And Apps Of The Past Week

Where there's smoke... The TouchFire and iPhones that caught fire were just two of the topics making news this past week.

EA Launches A New Version Of TETRIS For iPhone - Replaces The Old One

Electronic Arts has released a brand new version of its TETRIS for iPhone app ($0.99).

Watch Out For The Ball As You Stack Shapes In Tetru

Tetru is essentially the game of Tetris, but a ball constrains what you can do. While it tries to be different from Tetris, it falls flat.

Stack Birds In A Frenzy With Birzzle

Birzzle is a fun, fast-paced game for everyone. The controls are simple, the gameplay is entertaining, and it has a high replay value.

Monster Blaster: A Timeless Classic With An Explosive Twist

Monster Blaster is an interesting twist on a “timeless classic” called Tetris. For those who really enjoy titles that derive from Tetris, this is definitely worth a look.

Popular iPhone And iPad Games On Sale For A Limited Time

It's Friday, folks, which means that the App Store is full of great game deals.

QuickAdvice: Tetris for iPad & Enigmo Deluxe

Tetris and Enigmo are two great iPhone puzzle games. Is it worth it to buy the iPad specific ones? Click through to find out.

Review: Gelex

Bounce and match bricks together in this cute,Tetris-style game. Gelex is not just a fun game, but an interesting one - since it was coded by 78 year-old GrannyCoder, Marie Bila.

Review: Snood

An unusual game that will no doubt entertain you, although it doesn't quite measure up to it's former computer counterpart. Does the game still have what it takes? Should you spend $3.99 on it? Find out more after the jump...

Review: Tetris

The original Tetris is back with new features and touch technology.