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to do

Focus on one task at a time with Doo - Get Things Done

Doo is a beautiful to-do app that unfortunately falls a bit short.

Be sure to download the 10 best Apple Watch apps

Take your Apple Watch to the next level with these third party apps.

Clear's Apple Watch app lets you manage your to-do list with simplicity

With the latest update to Clear, you can now use the app on your Apple Watch.

Be more efficient and get things done with Todoist 10

Todoist 10 streamlines the process of getting things done quickly and efficiently.

Powerful task manager 2Do updated with iOS 8 share extensions and more

Version 3.1 also allows users to manager their calendar events directly from the app.

The best essential apps for your new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus

Here are the essential apps to make the most of your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus.

Cydia tweak: Get on-demand reminder notifications with RemindMeAnywhere

RemindMeAnywhere could make it easier for you to remember important tasks.

Always Know What You Need To Do With Up Next

With Up Next, you can always be productive by keeping your priorities in check.

Quickly Get Reminders Into Your Phone And Stop Worrying With FastRemind

Stop worrying about how to manage your tasks and just get them in your iPhone with FastRemind.

Notebooks 7 Promises A Unified iOS App For All Your Writings And Tasks

Notebooks 7 could be your next favorite iOS app.

Popular To-Do App Gneo Updated To Add New Features, Tweaks And Fixes

Gneo has been further improved thanks to a recent update.

Customize Your To-Do List Exactly How You Want It With Tick From Taphive

Taphive, the makers of Todo Movies, have just come out with a slick new to-do app that works for you, not the other way around.

Simplify Your Task Management With The Versatile TaskAgent 3

The new version of TaskAgent makes simple list tracking easier than ever on iOS 7.

Clear Is Now A New Universal App, With New Features On iPad

Been wanting Clear for iPad? Rejoice, as it's finally here!

DOOO To-Do Note Provides Everything You Could Need For Task Management

Voice recordings, images, locations, and even drawing tools are standard in this slick task management app.

Task Player Is A Fresh New Approach To The Pomodoro Technique

Is Pomodoro more your thing? Then this sleek app will help you manage all of your daily tasks.

Today's Apps Gone Free: Kami Retro, Yummiloo Rainbow Power, OSnap! And More

Today's AGF list includes a retro platformer, an educational game, and a time lapse photography app.

Achieve Your Dreams With These Motivational Apps

Achieve your goals and start to form healthy habits with these apps.

Keep Track Of Your To-Dos This Year With Taskable

Are you looking for a simple ask to tame those unruly to-do lists? Taskable fits the bill.

Does Checklist+ Have What It Takes To Stand Out Among The Sea Of List Apps?

There are plenty of task manager apps out there, and Apple even bundles on into iOS. Can Checklist+ rise above the rest?

Today's Apps Gone Free: Mobile Monet, Tangram Puzzles, Font Art And More

Today's AGF list includes a photo effects app, a tangram puzzle game, and an app for adding custom text to photos.

To Do! Takes Away Any Excuse For Being Disorganized

Finally become as organized as you've always wanted to be with To Do!

Any.DO Will Most Certainly Do As A To-Do App For iPhone

First launched in the Android Market in November 2011, Any.DO is now available in the App Store as well.

Updated AppGuide: Best iPhone Task Management Apps

There are so many task managers in the AppStore that finding the one that will work for you can be a task in and of itself. This AppGuide should help you find the right app for you and cross that off your list!