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Yahoo Mail for iOS updated with custom swipes, folder management and more

Yahoo has been on a roll lately with its enhancements to the official iOS app of its email service.

Yahoo updates its official iOS app with more personalized content

The app is also sporting improved social features.

The curtain closes for the Yahoo Screen video hub

Content will be moved to the company’s other digital magazines.

No kidding: You can now access Gmail right within Yahoo Mail

You can now manage your Gmail (or Google Apps) mailboxes right within the Yahoo Mail app.

Yahoo launches a Video Guide app to make it easier for cord cutters

The company has also updated its popular Tumblr app with 3D Touch and Live Photos support.

Yahoo's revamped Messenger is aimed at families and groups

Yahoo's acquisition of Tumblr has helped it build a better Messenger app.

Yahoo Mail's huge update brings all-new UI, multiple mailboxes and more

Yahoo Mail is now better than ever thanks to its recently launched update.

Yahoo Livetext: Who needs sound with their video?

A new way to communicate has popped up. Try some video texting with a new app from Yahoo.

Yahoo tries its hand at a messaging app with Livetext

After a recent soft rollout, the app will arrive in five more countries – including the United States – tomorrow.

Cord cutters can watch Showtime on iOS and NFL on Yahoo

The premium network will be a standalone subscription, which is great news for cord-cutters.

Who will end up owning news aggregator Flipboard?

In a race between Google, Twitter, and Yahoo to buy Flipboard, there might not be a clear-cut winner.

Best new apps of the week: Flickr 4.0 and Streamline Calendar

Manage and organize your photos online and get a streamlined view of your schedule with our top app picks for the week!

Yahoo updates Flickr for iOS to version 4.0 with Auto-Uploadr, new design and more

Yahoo has just updated the official iOS app of its Flickr photo sharing service to version 4.0 with some rather significant changes.

Tumblr for iOS goes 4.0 with new blog creation, Today widget and more features

Typical of software versions with “dot oh” designations, Tumblr 4.0 is packed with a number of significant features and improvements.

Yahoo for iOS updated with new look and interactive content

Know those swipeable comparison images and polls often embedded on sites like BuzzFeed? Well, the Yahoo app now has them too.

Tumblr update brings integration with 1Password, new notifications and more

Version 3.8 will now also show notifications for asks, answers, and fan mail.

Apple's iPhone is still the most popular camera on Flickr

Apple is still not the most popular camera brand on Flickr, but its iPhone remains the most popular camera on Yahoo’s photo-sharing network.

Yahoo Mail for iOS updated with package notifications and more personalization options

Yahoo Mail for iOS, which serves personalized “snapshots” as well as emails, has just become smarter with its latest update.

Yahoo for iOS updated with local news, commenting and more

Version 5.4 also brings a revamped side-swipe navigation structure.

Yahoo Weather update offers a revamped design for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

The beautiful weather app now also features animated effects for lightning and frost.

Tumblr rolling out post-like app install ads in its official mobile apps

Tumblr has begun rolling out app install ads in its official mobile apps on iOS and Android.

Yahoo and Microsoft locking horns to replace Google as Apple's default search provider

Yahoo and Microsoft are reportedly contending with each other to replace Google as the default search provider for Apple’s Safari.

Yahoo acquires startup behind Cooliris photo app and BeamIt messaging app

Yahoo has acquired Cooliris, the startup behind the popular photo viewing app of the same name.

Tumblr for iOS updated with new video player, two-factor authentication and more

A new video player experience has just made its way to Tumblr for iOS.