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marco arment

Readability Heads To iOS, Let The Competition With Instapaper Begin

A strange yet interesting story overtook the blogosphere yesterday and today, which could directly affect how many of us use our iDevices. Readability yesterday announced that it would soon launch its own “read it later” delivery service for the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad. Unfortunately, this makes Readability a competitor for Marco Arment and his popular Instapaper service. Yet, this is only half the story.

Bryan M. Wolfe

Verizon iPhone Mostly Selling To Existing iOS Users?

We're still very much in the dark as to how well the recently released CDMA iPhone is selling on Verizon. We know it sold out on the first day, and that it beat Verizon's sales record in just two hours on pre-order launch day (between 3 and 5am EST). We also heard that it might be slightly underperforming. Apple has yet to release a statement on actual sales, and most importantly, we don't know who is buying the device.

Alexander Vaughn