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Endless Runners

Show off your moves in Ski Safari 2

Was Ski Safari 2 worth the three year wait?

Fly against the clock in Race The Sun, an infinite runner

Race The Sun originally appeared on Steam in 2013, but is now available on iOS.

Get ready for one heck of a ride in 8-Bit Waterslide, a humorous infinite runner

In 8-Bit Waterslide, no pain means no gain for Tipler, the screaming coward.

Run, jump, and fire your lasers in Lastronaut, a gorgeous apocalyptic endless runner

Get ready for an explosive and addictive experience in Lastronaut, the latest gorgeous endless runner.

Snowboard down the hills to avoid the lava in RAD Boarding, an apocalyptic infinite runner

RAD Boarding is the latest collaboration by Noodlecake and Other Ocean, but was it worth the wait?

Grab your board and hit the slopes in Alto's Adventure, a beautiful endless snowboarding game

If you enjoy snowboarding or endless runners, you won't be disappointed with this gorgeous new game from Snowman.

AppAdvice Daily: Run Sackboy! Run! and intense puzzles with our best new games

Get ready to serve up food in a twisty way, tap tiles to reach 64 and run your sack off with our best new games of the week.

Travel Through Space And Time In Endless Runner Gear Jack Black Hole From Crescent Moon Games

Run and teleport into different time periods and areas with the latest addictive game from Crescent Moon Games.

Riot Runnners Is A Platformer That Includes Physics-Defying Principles

Riot Runners is a very immsersive platformer, and although it has borrowed a lot from other similar games, it is still a great time-waster.

Endlessly Fall While Growing Your Pixel And Destroying Others In Mega Dead Pixel

Mega Dead Pixel is a retro arcade strategy game that is endless, both in gameplay and appeal.

Sonic Dash Now Features New Daily Challenges To Win Prizes

Gamers can complete a daily challenge to win prizes like the always handy red star rings.

Not Wanting To Be Left Behind, Zynga Soft Launches A Social Endless Runner

Running With Friends launches today in Canada and will be available worldwide in around a month.

Escape The Zombies And Survive The Apocalypse In RunZ

The zombies are chasing you through the mall and you have to run, slide, and jump for your life. Can you make it out alive?

Diamonds, That Is To Say Gems, Are Forever In Spying Endless Runner Agent Dash

Dash into the App Store and get the latest version of Agent Dash now.

Let The Apocalympic Games Begin In TheEndApp!

This year’s Summer Olympics in London have come and gone. But the London Apocalympics is just about to begin in TheEndApp.

Winter, Spring, Summer Or Fall, All You Have To Do Is Run Like The Wind!

Former AppAdvice Game of the Week title holder On The Wind has been upgraded to version 2.0, gaining two new game modes in the process.

Apparently, Most Players Don't Like How The World Turns In Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers has recently received another update, which adds a much-requested feature to the game. Actually, the update constitutes not an addition of the feature in question but rather a mere reversion to it.

Feel The Gold Rush In New Side-Scrolling Endless Runner Canyon Rush

Tired of running around temples or joyriding with jetpacks? Then why not try rushing over canyons instead?

Run Away From Tyranny And Toward Victory In Upcoming Endless Runner Vector

A vector refers to a quantity that has direction as well as magnitude. Well, in a manner of speaking, Vector (with a capital V) appears to possess both properties too.

Subway Surfers Welcomes New Gang Of Characters Plus Load Of Improvements

The most played game on my iPad has just been updated. I am, of course, talking about Subway Surfers.

Run Through A Hand Drawn Landscape And Take Out Stick Figures In Sketchman

Sketchman is a fun endless runner with plenty of obstacles and enemies to defeat.

Can You Outrun Mordu The Bear In Temple Run Brave?

Temple Run Brave is the result of a collaboration between Disney and the creators of Temple Run.

Endless Running Hits The Tracks In Subway Surfers

Once you start, you won't be able to stop. Subway Surfers is the new iOS addiction.