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first-person shooter

Fight desperately to stop the zombie apocalypse in Hero Forces

Get ready to blow away zombies in this first-person shooter's latest update.

AppAdvice Daily: Pair up with Stranger for our best new games of the week

We have a great deck of games today so don't be a stranger, you need to watch today's AppAdvice Daily.

You have to be precise with Kill Shot, a new sniping game from Hothead Games

Are you quick and accurate enough for the challenging missions in Kill Shot?

The popular FPS game BioShock is out on iOS, but is it any good?

Is BioShock on iOS worth the shocking price, or should you stick to playing it on a console or PC?

This 8-Bit Sky Survival Island Game Is A Throwback To First Person Shooters

Fight to be the last one on Sky Survival Island in this fun, 8-bit app.

Get Ready To Shoot Almost Anything In Shooting Showdown 2

The sequel to the original Shooting Showdown is better than you might expect.

Gun Zombie 2 Blasts Into The US App Store, Offers 'Intense' Shooting Experience For iOS

Gun Zombie 2, the latest iOS app from Glu Games, has launched in the U.S. App Store.

Neon Shadow Can Sate Your FPS Cravings On iOS

Crescent Moon Games' Neon Shadow should be a delight for any FPS fan.

Updated AppGuide: First Person Shooter Games

Kill some time with these fantastic first person shooter games on your iDevice.

Gun Commando, A Fun, Retro First Person Shooter, Is Available Now

Gun Commando is a new, retro shoot 'em up game, available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

You Have To Be Quick, Aggressive, And Defensive As You Protect Your Block Fortress

Can't decide between Minecraft, tower defense, or first person shooters? Why choose when you can have them all in Block Fortress?

NRA: Practice Range Is A One-Stop App For Virtual Shooting Practice And NRA News

Practice shooting an M9, M16, and Mossberg 500 in this first-person shooter game.

N.Y.Zombies 2 Takes First-Person Shooter Games To Task

Clean up New York City in this first-person shooter game.

Win A Turret Commander Promo Code And Be The Hero Of The Unfriendly Skies

AppAdvice has teamed up with HKylinworks in order to offer you a chance to win one of nine promo codes for Turret Commander for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

MADFINGER Games Raises The Bar Once Again With Dead Trigger

Get ready to blast some high definition zombie brains. This first person shooter is full of non-stop action.

Razor: Salvation Is Crescent Moon Games' Latest Masterpiece

Frantic FPS action. Deep upgrade system. Masterfully crafted global faction-based leaderboards. This game is intense.

Crescent Moon Games And Blowfish Studios Release Trailer For Upcoming Razor: Salvation

The quality of iOS games just keeps getting better. Razor: Salvation is proof.

AppGuide Updated: First Person Shooter Games

Ever want to solve World Crisis on the go? Click here to find out our favourite iOS first person shooters.

Modern Combat 3 Puts A Robust Multiplayer Experience In Your Pocket

Gameloft has made a name for itself by bringing the essence of various console games to iOS, and with Modern Combat 3, they have largely succeeded.

Trailer For Modern Combat 3 Released

Expect Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation to hit the App Store this fall and compete with Battlefield 3. Gameloft has released a trailer for the game along with some additional information.

Next Battlefield Game For iOS Will Be Called Battlefield 3: Aftershock

More info has been leaked about EA's upcoming iOS Battlefield title. The game will be called "Battlefield 3: Aftershock" and will offer gameplay similar to that of "Call of Duty: Zombies." Players will be facing waves of enemy attacks in order to survive as long as possible. Multiplayer will also be available.

Both Versions Of Rage Go Free Temporarily

To celebrate getting over 100,000 "likes" on their Facebook page, id Software has made Rage and Rage HD free for the week. The game is an on-rails, first person shooter and offers intense gun battles and amazing visuals. The HD version is recommended for any user above an iPhone 3GS.

EA Trailer Reveals Battlefield 3 For iOS

One of the most anticipated shooters for consoles and PC, Battlefield 3, is also heading to the App Store. The game has been unveiled through an EA trailer showcasing upcoming titles for iOS.

Steampunk FPS Game Set In The Wild Wild West Coming Soon

If you enjoy multiplayer-based, first-person shooters, check out the trailer for Emotional Robots' upcoming game, Warm Gun. Warm Gun is set in the wild wild west, but also mixes in some sci-fi-based elements and special effects from another era. The art style is also very steampunk-like. Look for it sometime this month.