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You can now jailbreak iOS 8.3 using TaiG

It's now possible to jailbreak iOS 8.3 using a brand new release from TaiG.

Popcorn Time to provide torrents of movies and TV shows on your iPhone without a jailbreak

The new torrent tool for iOS devices will come first to Windows-based computers.

Want to jailbreak iOS 8.2 when it releases? You might be able to

If you're concerned about updating to iOS 8.2 because you want to jailbreak, you might not have anything to worry about.

TaiG's jailbreak for iOS 8.1.1 is available now for Windows users

A jailbreak solution is available now for Apple's iOS 8.1.1 software update.

Cydia gets an update and is now bundled with Pangu for iOS 8

Thanks to Pangu, jailbreaking under iOS 8 is becoming easier as each day passes.

WatchSpring jailbreak tweak puts Apple Watch-like home screen interface on iPhone

If you have a jailbroken iOS 8 device, you can now change your home screen to something that closely resembles the Apple Watch.

Popular iFile jailbreak tweak will get iPhone 6 support soon

It shouldn't be long until iFile for iOS is fully optimized for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Good news, jailbreakers: Pangu for iOS 8 is set to improve

Pangu for iOS 8 is only going to get better, according to its developers.

Popular jailbreak tweaks Activator and FlipSwitch get updated for iOS 8

A couple of popular jailbreak tweaks are now fully optimized for iOS 8.

Cydia tweak: SpotFile usefully adds iFile functionality to Spotlight

This jailbreak tweak brings iFile-inspired enhancements to Spotlight.

Cydia tweak: QuickScope revamps search on Apple's iOS

If Spotlight isn't enough for you, QuickScope promises a fully-featured search solution for iOS.

Cydia tweak: Activator gets its biggest update in over a year

Plenty of improvements have been made in Activator's 1.9 update.

Cydia tweak: Give iOS 7's Spotlight an iOS 8-inspired update with Smart Search

Smart Search, a new jailbreak tweak, brings the iOS 8 Spotlight to our iOS 7-powered devices.

Cydia tweak: EqualizerEverywhere adds a smart equalizer to Apple's iOS

Audiophiles will want to download EqualizerEverywhere, a recent addition to the Cydia Store.

Cydia tweak: BetterWiFi7 brings enhanced Wi-Fi options to iOS devices

Take control of Wi-Fi on iOS using the recently released BetterWiFi7.

Cydia tweak: Set a limited-time lock for your iPhone with ScreenLocker for iOS

ScreenLocker is a useful new add-on for the Activator jailbreak tweak.

Cydia tweak: Enhance Settings app headings with NoUpperCaseTable

This new jailbreak tweak makes one simple change to the iOS Settings app.

Cydia tweak: Get on-demand reminder notifications with RemindMeAnywhere

RemindMeAnywhere could make it easier for you to remember important tasks.

Cydia tweak: Give the iOS volume HUD a boost with HUDSpeed

The developer behind the popular HandsFree jailbreak tweak has a new package available for jailbreakers.

Cydia tweak: SwipeExpander is a smart, new text-expanding package for iOS

SwipeExpander is a recent addition to the Cydia Store that enhances the iOS keyboard.

Cydia tweak: Activator, the ultra-popular package, gets beta support for iOS 7.1.x

Ryan Petrich's Activator beta has received an update adding support for iOS 7.1.x.

Cydia tweak: Give the iOS Lock screen a new look with xNotiLockColor

This new jailbreak tweak allows iOS device owners to spice up the iOS Lock screen.

Cydia tweak: OneThumb makes Internet radio station curation much easier

"OneThumb to rule them all" is the idea behind this latest jailbreak tweak.

Cydia tweak: PopSearch brings a useful search button to the popular Action Menu

PopSearch is a new jailbreak tweak that can further enhance Ryan Petrich's Action Menu package.