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lima sky

This new game lets you play Doodle Jump as DC Super Heroes beginning with Batman

Doodle Jump has made the jump to Warner Bros.' DC Super Heroes universe.

Classic iOS game Doodle Jump updated with a new pirates theme

Get ready for some swashbuckling fun in this endless jumper.

Go Ahead, Jump! Pocket God: Ooga Jump Gets New Trailer, Halloween Launch Date

Bolt Creative's Ooga Jump is set to bounce into the App Store on Oct. 31.

Test Your Memory Of Your Friends And Family With Social Match

Are you as good of a friend as you think you are? Find out by testing your memory of names and faces with this game, which is a collaboration with the Doodle Jump team.

Doodle Jump Receives A Cool New Theme Plus Five Cool Christmas Outfits

Doodle Jump, the game that is so "insanely addictive" that it comes with a warning, has just been updated with a new cool theme. And I do mean "cool."

Hiyaaa! Doodle Jump HD Goes All-Out Ninja In Latest Update

Doodle Jump HD for iPad has just mastered the art and skill of ninja-style jumping.

Bust Out Some Insanely Addictive Ninja Moves In The New Version Of Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump — the game that famously holds the tagline, “BE WARNED: Insanely addictive!” — has just jumped into another update.

Doodle Jump V2.10 Brings Easter Goodies

This addictive iOS classic loves holidays as much as we do.

Doodle Jump Gets An Update: Adds Two New Platform Types

The popular iPhone app "Doodle Jump" has recently received an update. Now, in the latest version of the application users can interact with two new platform types. Furthermore, the iPad app ("Doodle Jump for iPad") was updated several days ago to add a new submarine ride in the water theme, and to tweak the Game Center multiplayer mode.

Bounce Forever Upward In Doodle Jump Free

Doodle Jump Free has Doodle the Doodler forever jumping upward from one platform to the next. Miss your footing and you’ll be plummeting to the bottom and a restart.

Breaking: Doodle Jump For iPad Arrives

Doodle Jump for iPad is now available. Based on the highly popular iPhone/iPod touch title, Doodle Jump, the $2.99 app is now arriving in App Stores across the globe.

Doodle Jump Updated: Adds Three New Multiplayer Achievements

Lima Sky's popular iOS app, Doodle Jump ($0.99), has recently been updated. Now, fans of the app can earn three new achievements in the app's recently added multiplayer mode.

Lima Sky Offers Up Doodle Jump Multiplayer Stats

Today's update to Doodle Jump, Lima Sky's pop culture hit iOS game, isn't one that will blow your socks off, however, it does contain the highly requested ability to view multiplayer statistics.

Doodle Jump Adds Multiplayer Support

One of the more popular games in the App Store has received a significant update. Doodle Jump now includes multiplayer support, which lets you compete against your friends when you are using a Wi-Fi network.

Doodle Jump: HOP The Movie; The Doodler Finally Hops To The iPad

There is finally a new universal Doodle Jump game. Doodle Jump: HOP the Movie. It's fun, cute and free, but will it appeal to fans out of short pants?

Doodler Will Hop To Hollywood With An Upcoming Doodle Jump Easter Egg

Lima Sky is still making headlines. This time, Igor Pušenjak is teaming up with some big boys from Hollywood, Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment. Together, these three companies will be bringing a drop of Easter to the App Store's best selling game.

Igor Pušenjak Responds With Clarification On The Lima Sky Fights "Doodle" Calamity

Igor Pušenjak has taken it upon himself to set the record straight by releasing lengthier response regarding his company's, Lima Sky, recent debacle involving App Store developers and the word "Doodle."

Doodle This, Doodle That, How About A Good Ol' Fashion Doodle Whack?

Developer of the hit App Store title Doodle Jump, Lima Sky, recently began trying to muscle similar app developers to relinquish the term "Doodle" from their iOS app names, claiming they are in violation of trademark infringement.

Doodle Jump Updated With Limited Game Center Integration

With a new month comes a new reason to fire up Lima Sky's "insanely addictive" endless jumping game, Doodle Jump, thanks to an update that adds Game Center integration, albeit in limited form.

Doodle Jump Gains Multitasking Support And A New Underwater Theme

Lima Sky's Doodle Jump has received not one but two feature additions in its most recent update.