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to-do list

Alter helps you stay productive by picking to-dos out of paragraphs

Hate picking to-dos out of paragraphs you receive from others?

Get things done with 6Wunderkinder's Wunderlist 3: The best to-do app yet

Wunderlist has always been a great option for managing productivity, and with the 3.0 update, it's now perfect.

Remi Is A Perfect Reminders App For Managing Simpler To-Dos

Get those reminders that float around in your brain out and into this unique app.

This Week Is What Reminders Should Have Been

If you're a frequent user of Reminders but not completely satisfied with how Apple's own app does things, then This Week is worth a look.

Zip Through Your To-Dos And Get Some Useful Insight With Zippy - Tasks And Reminders

This slick app wants to help you get better at efficiently managing your tasks.

Get Productive In The New Year With Just Do It! - My To-Do List

Don't be lazy with your tasks next year, Just Do It!

Look At GTD In A Different Light With DashPlus

Getting Things Done doesn't have to be intimidating.

Look At Your Task List With A New Perspective With Gneo

Gneo is a new to-do app that brings a fresh new perspective to the table.

Simplify Your Getting Things Done System With Daymate

Daymate is a simpler GTD solution for those who may not need something as complex as OmniFocus.

Customize Your To-Do List Exactly How You Want It With Tick From Taphive

Taphive, the makers of Todo Movies, have just come out with a slick new to-do app that works for you, not the other way around.

Simplify Your Task Management With The Versatile TaskAgent 3

The new version of TaskAgent makes simple list tracking easier than ever on iOS 7.

Simplify Your Daily Tasks With Begin

Start every day with a clean slate for your to-dos with Begin.

Don't Know Where To Start With Your To-Do List? Finido Can Help

Finido is a to-do list app that uses a special algorithm to prioritize and optimize your task list.

DOOO To-Do Note Provides Everything You Could Need For Task Management

Voice recordings, images, locations, and even drawing tools are standard in this slick task management app.

Look At Your Tasks In A Refreshing New Way With Finish For iPhone

Finish for iPhone provides a new way of handling your date-based tasks, and it's quite wonderful.

Fetchnotes Brings Together Hashtags And Your To-Do List

Fetchnotes, released today, is looking to harness the power of hashtags to make your to-do list work even better.

Steps Is An Intuitive Task Manager App That Isn't Oversimplified

Did you like the design of Clear, but felt it was missing important features of a to-do app? Then you should probably give Steps a try.

Productivity App Clears 350K Downloads In Just Nine Days

Clear, the gesture-based to-do list iPhone app, has been downloaded more than 350,000 times.

Organize Your Shopping Lists And Track Your Spending With Grocery Mate - Easy to Use Shopping List

Grocery Mate - Easy to Use Shopping List is an app to help you organize and keep track of all of your shopping.

The Project And Task Manager, Do Is Definitely A Team Player

Do is a task and project manager for the iPhone, but the real magic seems to happen on the companion website.

Task Management And Collaboration Make The Perfect Duet In Orchestra To-Do

Orchestra is a beautifully designed and executed task manager for the iPhone.

View Your Productivity In Its Simplest Form With Cueframe

Cueframe is a simple task manager for those who only need to add, edit, and prioritize.

Say No To Forgetfulness And Cluttered Task Managers, Just Say Yes! - Tasks

Yes! - Tasks allows you to effortlessly, and quickly, make lists and sort your tasks without all of the unnecessary the bells and whistles.

Task Management On The iPad Just Got Easier With OmniFocus 1.3

Make your life easier with the ultimate task management iPad app. OmniFocus for iPad has just been updated to version 1.3. and many new features are part of the package. One of them is called the forecast mode and includes calendar events in a convenient timeline.