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Greg Young

Greg is a young writer living in Florida, where he reports on new and noteworthy apps here at He's also a student at the University of Central Florida, where he studies Computer Science.
Latest from Greg

Bring The Lomo Effect To Your iDevice

Lomography has existed for years, now bring the "lomo" effect to your iDevice.

Turn Your iDevice Into A Perk Calculator for Skyrim, Plus A Chance To Win!

Perk Calculator for Skyrim will keep track of where you're spending your perks throughout Skyrim. Whether you're tracking a build online or right on your iDevice, this is the app to have.

Escape Flames And Jump Hills In Rocket Chicken

Rocket Chicken is a simple one touch arcade game, similar to Tiny Wings.

Test Your Spelling Abilities With Nerdy Birds Social HD

Nerdy Birds Social HD is the one of the latest spelling games available for the iPad. Whether you're trying to beat your highest score, or trying to out spell friends, Nerdy Birds Social has it all.

Martin Rooney's Very Own Pushup App

Pushup Warrior is the first app by Martin Rooney to feature his world renowned workouts. This app features all of his pushup workouts as well video demonstrations. The ultimate app for anyone who is serious about fitness.

Create Melodies Using A Physics Generator With Physynth

A multi-track soundscaping, performance, and songwriting tool. It uses a physics generator and physical objects to create music.

Manage All Your Events With GoCal

GoCal is the ultimate tool for avid calendar users. View and manage events in multiple ways, and even use it offline as well as online. It's a great extension to the default calendar app, and is packed with features.

Become A Musician With Rockmate

Rockmate turns your iPad into a complete music studio, and it's easy and super fun to use. You can compose, record, and play songs with up to four rock players on a single iPad.

Listen To Your PC From Your iDevice With RemoteSound

A novelty app that allows you to use your iOS device as a PC speaker. Wirelessly stream music over your Wi-Fi network with RemoteSound.

Create Great Slideshows With Slideshow+

Slideshow+ is a feature-packed slideshow creation app for your iDevice. Whether you're using Facebook pictures or Flickr, Slideshow+ is the ultimate tool.

Torture Your Buddy To Death In Kick The Buddy

Kick the Buddy lets players manipulate, torture, and interact with their buddy. It's an interesting rag doll app that's filled with objects and items to play with.

Meet The Mother Of All Pearls In The World Of Link It

The objective of this brain twisting puzzle game is to link all the pearls through each other. The game features tons of levels for players to enjoy.

Line Rider Gets A Car In Wroom!

Wroom combines colorful, silky smooth visuals with an acrobatic, parkour style of gameplay. Find yourself flying through loops, bouncing off walls, driving through water and clinging to ledges on your way to the goal.

Hone Your Ninja Skills With Ninja Hoodie

Ninja Hoodie is a fast paced shuriken shooting action game. It features simple controls and detailed levels.

Slide Santa All The Way To The North Pole

The Grinch stole Santa's reindeer! Help him ride his sleigh to the North Pole and get the lost presents back before the Grinch catches him!

Save Your Fingers This Christmas In Finger Slayer Seasons

Are you a fan of Finger Slayer? If so, be sure to check out their latest edition to Seasons with new gameplay, backgrounds, costumes, and much more.

Save Dogs From Invasions Of Fleas!

Kill fleas using a variety of methods in this interesting new game.

Keep Track Of Your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) With Watson

Watson is the newest in blood alcohol content calculator apps. It takes in an immense amount of data and calculates an accurate BAC. It's suitable for any type of drinker.

Follow Your Friends And Family With Insyde Story

Insyde Story could easily be the next Facebook or come quite close to it. It's a new social networking app packed with features and is sure to make an impact in the App Store.

Unwrap A New Gift Every Day With An Interactive Advent Calendar

Interactive Advent Calendar is a fun intuitive app for children. It allows them to enjoy Advent and open a new gift every day until Christmas. The app is also full of animation and sound effects for young children to enjoy.

Inside iOS 5 Helps New iOS Users

A useful app for new iOS users to learn a few tricks inside iOS 5. Simple and easy to use, but could use more information.

Watch Videos, Follow Twitter, Read News, All For Women's Basketball, All In One Place

SheCanPlay is the future of sports, now athletes and teams of all ages are having iOS apps made to show off their talent. Read ahead to find out more.

Destroy Every Last Human With Super Goblin War Machine!

Tired of human oppression? So is the Goblin Horde! Help them design and build the ultimate War Machine, then rampage straight through the nearest enemy village!

Chill Your Beer To The Perfect Temperature With Beer Timer

Beer Timer will help you get your Beer's out of the freezer before they explode and ice cold! Read ahead to find out more.