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backflip studios

Clans of giant morphing alien robots clash in Transformers: Earth Wars

Transformers: Earth Wars is a 3-D real-time combat strategy game in the vein of Supercell’s hugely popular Clash of Clans.

Hasbro and Backflip Studios offer a new play on words with Scrabble Pics

What do you get if you combine Scrabble and Pictionary, both of which happen to be published by Hasbro?

Set sail on a grand adventure in Seabeard, a beautiful Animal Crossing-style game

Seabeard has finally landed on the App Store. Was it worth the wait?

Backflip Studios releases NinJump Dash featuring real-time multiplayer rooftop races

NinJump Dash is a multiplayer racer version of NinJump Rooftops with some Mario Kart-style power-ups thrown in for good measure and mayhem.

Hasbro and Paper Toss developer Backflip Studios score with Nerf Hoops

Hasbro and Backflip Studios have released Nerf Hoops.

Dungeons & Dragons mobile castle defense game coming next year from Backflip Studios

Another mobile game based on Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) is in the works from Backflip Studios.

You'll be enchanted by Spellfall, an addictive new puzzle RPG game

Backflip Studios has released a new puzzle RPG game, and it's a magical experience.

AppAdvice Daily: Have Some Fun This Weekend With The Best New Games Of The Week

Plunder the galaxy and nerd out with LEGO Marvel Super Heroes these are our favorite new games of the week.

AppAdvice Game Of The Week For June 27, 2014

Save the LEGO world with classic Marvel superheroes and face off against space pirates for loot in our top games of the week!

Plunder The Galaxies For Epic Loot As A Space Pirate In PlunderNauts For iOS

Are you good enough to be the top space pirate in the galaxy?

Plunder Away! PlunderNauts Gets A New Galaxy, New Bosses And Lots More

The fun sci-fi app has received lots of new content in its latest update.

Mine Your Way Through Challenging Puzzles In Dwarven Den From Backflip Studios

Backflip Studios' latest game combines different gameplay styles into a single delightful title for everyone to enjoy.

Seabeard Could Be The Wind Waker Game We've Been Waiting For

Hand Circus is bringing Seabeard -- an oceanic adventure game for iOS -- to the App Store soon.

Feel Like A True Ninja As You Run And Slash Your Way Through In NinJump Rooftops

Backflip Studios is back with a new endless runner that stars our favorite ninjas.

Platformer And Puzzler Elements Band Together For New Game Called Band Together

When a game's App Store description contains a ringing endorsement from renowned director David Lynch, it just has to be good. Fortunately, such is the case with the newly released game Band Together.

The Ragdolls Are Back For More Blasting Fun In Ragdoll Blasters 3

Ragdoll Blasters is a physics-based puzzler that is the third game in this series. It has received a major graphical overhaul and features improved gameplay, more costumes, and plenty more fun.

Backflip Studios Releases Paper Toss 2.0 - Includes New Throwable Objects, Moving Targets And More

Backflip Studios has released a brand new Paper Toss app for iOS: the application, Paper Toss 2.0, is a separate, free app that includes a number of new features. Now, fans of the original application can enjoy "tossing" a number of different objects at moving targets, tormenting annoying co-workers and playing through a variety of new (and classic) levels.

A Bit Of The Old And A Bit OF The New, Boss Battles Is One Enjoyable Space Shooter

Are you a fan of the early '80s action games? If so, you'll definitely want to read on about Backflip Studios', the creators of NinJump and Army of Darkness Defense, latest game, Boss Battles.

Build A Park Full Of Dragons In DragonVale

Those familiar with simulation games already know the drill for this game. But if you're into dragons, you'll definitely want to try this one out.

Make Friends With Physics In Bounce The Bunny

This clever rag doll game features Bounce, a bunny who dreams of catching stars. With a little bit of help from you, adding well-placed bubbles, he might just realize his dreams.

Army Of Darkness Defense HD: Campy, Creepy And Captivating iPad Gameplay

Get your undead freak on and blow your boom stick with Army of Darkness Defense HD, a tower defense remake of the classic cult-film.

Army Of Darkness Defense Released For iPhone and iPad

Ash Needs your help defending Lord Arthur's castle from the undead in Army of Darkness Defense for iPhone and Army of Darkness Defense HD for iPad. As you help him defend the castle you will also be commanding an army of soldiers and upgrading the castle's defenses with gold you've collected.

Review: Mahjongg Dimensions - Popular Web Game Comes To iOS

Have you ever wanted a more fast paced version of Mahjong? Perhaps in 3D too? Well now you can with Mahjongg Dimensions. The web game comes to iOS thanks to Backflip Studios.