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Heading to the golf course? Why not bring your iPhone instead of a scorecard? There are tons of apps out there to help you keep track of your score. Best of all, you can keep a record of your golf game this way. We compare our favorites in this AppGuide.

Tim Chaten

Review: Stick Golf HD

Stick Golf HD is a fun, content filled, replayable, challenging rendition of a game we thought we knew, and unless you are a golf purist, it will probably leave you thinking- 'This is what an iPad game should be like!'

Samuel L. Lytle

New AppGuide: Golf GPS Apps

The App Store is full of dozens of Golf GPS Apps and most of them aren't cheap! So, how do you know which one is worth the money? This AppGuide should help answer that question and offer you some apps that not only can tell you how far you are away from the green, but can actually improve your game!

Max Kennedy