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Get To The Throne in This Charming and Challenging Retro Puzzler

It's time to reminisce over your Game Boy days as you reach the throne in this tricky puzzle game.

Instagram is even better with these 7 apps

Instagram's iOS app is decent enough, but there are a handful of shortcomings. Fortunately for iPhoneographers, the App Store is here to help.

Arcade space shooter Space Station 7 brings an '80s feel to modern iOS

This game maintains a retro vibe while being entirely unique in and of itself.

Get ready to go retro with Bik, an upcoming platformer for iOS

Bik, an upcoming point-and-click adventure, is set to launch on the App Store in mid-August.

Retro arcade game Astro Duel is a multiplayer hit for the iPad

Get up to four people in on this galactic war with your iPad, additional iPhones, or MFi controllers.

Crush some pesky ads and rescue a princess in FFFFF2P, a new retro arcade platformer

Show those ads who's the boss in this challenging and addictive retro platformer game.

The Delivery Man Makes Newspaper Throwing A Reflex-Based Arcade Game

Learn why delivering a newspaper properly is not as easy as it seems.

Miss Your Gameboy? Then Look Out For Crescent Moon Games' 2-Bit Cowboy

Owners of Apple's iPhone can take on the Old West in Crescent Moon Games' upcoming 2-bit Cowboy.

Bulkypix's Retro-Shooter TriBlaster Blasts Onto The App Store

Bulkypix has a new app available on Apple's App Store.

DotEmu's R-TYPE II Blasts Into The App Store, Brings Classic Arcade Gaming To iOS

DotEmu has brought another classic title to iOS.

DotEmu Brings Double Dragon Trilogy To iOS, Offers A Faithful Port Plus Brand New Features

Double Dragon has launched for our iDevices thanks to a new app from DotEmu.

On The Level: Tanuki Entertainment Launches Retro, 16-Bit LvLn In The App Store

Looking for some retro, 16-bit adventure fun? Consider downloading LvLn for iOS.

It's Time To Punch Some Bad Bears In The Face In Fist Of Awesome

Get stress relief with some good old fashioned bear punching in the retro beat-em-up, Fist of Awesome.

Mana Aegis To Offer iDevice Users Old-School RPG Side-Scrolling Action

Mana Aegis is an upcoming role-playing game (RPG) for iOS that looks to be an interesting app.

Face The Depths Of The Dungeon In Heroes Of Loot

This retro arcade game will send you on a unique dungeon-crawling adventure. It's your job to complete tasks, find loot, and uncover keys to the next dungeons.

Play An Old Handheld Game With Watchcraft: Spawn Of Squishy

Play on a virtual handheld game console, while helping a priest named Squishy collect treasures and destroy evil.

Chillaxian Will Satisfy Your Nostalgia For '80s Arcade Games

This '80s-style arcade space shooter will bring back the memories.

Keep Calm, Put Your Headphones In And Make Music With Voice Bot Vocoder

Are you looking to create retro, electro music using an iDevice? If so, consider downloading the recently released voice bot.

An Alien Invasion Isn't Enough To Stop This Pizza Boy From Delivering Pizzas In World 1-1

People need their pizzas with guaranteed delivery, even while being invaded by aliens, and only you can help this kid complete the task.

Slayin Fans Can Now Download The Game's Original 8-Bit Soundtrack

Composer Matt Creamer has made the Slayin soundtrack available to download online.

Gun Commando, A Fun, Retro First Person Shooter, Is Available Now

Gun Commando is a new, retro shoot 'em up game, available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Stop The Alien Invasion In Everplay's Rock Blocker

Everplay is back with a new, dual-stick shooter game, where you must hold back an alien and asteroid invasion in space with your lone spaceship.

Go Retro With The Musubo Retro Case For iPhone 5

Watch today's show to see the Retro case by Musubo in action.

Best New Games Of The Week

Are you guys ready to go back in time, spell for your life and press some letters? We have the best games of the week on today's show!