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Game company Simogo tweets a tempting teaser

What kind of secretive game does Simogo have up its sleeve?

Don't split hairs over the puzzling SPL-T by Simogo

Don't be fooled by the appearance of SPL-T, the new puzzle game from Simogo. It's anything but simple.

Simogo thanks its fans with free The Sensational December Machine desktop game

The Sensational December Machine is presented by Simogo as its little holiday thank-you gift to its fans.

Best new games of the week: The Sailor's Dream and 1-Bit Hero

Experience a mysterious story of the seas and get a super retro platformer experience with our top game picks for the week!

Set sail and experience The Sailor's Dream, the new story-driven game from Simogo

There's a lot more to this sea than what meets the eye.

Simogo's The Sailor's Dream to set sail on iOS on Nov. 6

Along with a definite release date, The Sailor's Dream has also gained a new teaser trailer.

Simogo unveils new 'challenge-free' iOS game called The Sailor's Dream

Simogo has just unveiled its newest game: The Sailor's Dream.

Apple Celebrates Indie Games In New 'Indie Game Showcase' App Store Feature

Apple has just debuted a new section in the App Store called "Indie Game Showcase."

AppAdvice's Top 10 Paid iPhone Apps Of 2013

It's been a big year for apps, so come find out what our top 10 picks for paid apps on the iPhone were for 2013.

AppAdvice Game Of The Week For Oct. 25, 2013

Get ready for quite the adventure this weekend with our top game picks for the week!

Uncover The Secrets In The Unique Narrative Of Simogo's Device 6

Simogo's new game will definitely captivate you if you're a fan of literature and puzzles.

What Secrets Does Device 6 Hold? Find Out In Simogo's Newest Game For iOS

After Kosmo Spin, Bumpy Road, Beat Sneak Bandit, and Year Walk, whatever is next for Simogo? Device 6, that's what.

Simogo's Bumpy Road Finally Bumps Into iPhone 5 Support

It may have been a long and winding road, but widescreen support has finally arrived for Bumpy Road.

AppAdvice Game Of The Week For March 1, 2013

Experience a game like none you've ever played before and solve some challenging, biological puzzles with our top game picks for the week!

Explore Swedish Lore Through A Creepy Puzzle Adventure In Year Walk

Year Walk is a completely unique experience that you need to experience on the iOS platform.

Simogo's Mysterious Year Walk Game Now Available Along With Companion App

Right on schedule, the much-awaited new release from Bumpy Road and Beat Sneak Bandit developer Simogo is out now in the App Store.

Simogo's Year Walk Game Creeps Its Way Into App Store On Thursday, Feb. 21

Say hello to Year Walk, the new game from Simogo.

Simogo Reveals 16 Games, Another Project That Was Denied The Light Of Day

Earlier today, we noticed an app announcement, though this wasn't one of your standard App Store release mentions. Instead, it was in reference to 16 Games, a game which was abandoned but now revealed.

AppAdvice Daily: Beat Sneak Bandit, Pizza Vs. Skeletons, And Little Acorns Round Out The Must Have Games Of The Week

Grab your iOS device and get ready to download. On today's show we have three of the hottest games of the week.

Beat Sneak Bandit: Rhythm And Stealth Are A Match Made In Heaven

Beat Sneak Bandit is a gorgeously designed puzzle game that combines stealth movement with rhythmic tapping.

Beat Sneak Bandit Set To Steal The Show Next Week

The masterminds of Simogo, the developer of the acclaimed iOS platformer Bumpy Road, have just released a trailer announcing their latest creation. It's called Beat Sneak Bandit.

Review: Kosmo Spin - It's The Most Important Meal Of The Day

A planet is in peril, and you need to save breakfast items from a UFO. Spin the planet to collect breakfast items, and bounce balls away from the planet. Think you're up to the task?