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Touch ID

Apple apologizes and releases fix for iPhones bricked by Error 53

The fix is only available to download via iTunes.

In Norway, a criminal will be forced to unlock his iPhone using Touch ID

Forcing criminals to unlock their iPhones using Touch ID has become a thing in Norway.

Having your Home button replaced could brick your iPhone

The mysterious "Error 53" renders your iOS device worthless.

What’s wrong with Apple’s Touch ID?

As beautiful as iOS is, some things just don't make any sense.

Cupertino, we have a Touch ID problem on iOS 9.1

With the latest version of iOS, many users are having problems with an important security feature.

Adding Touch ID to Mac is now easier than ever with MacID 1.3

MacID for iOS and Apple Watch is now better than ever thanks to a recently released update.

Chase Mobile adds support for Touch ID on Apple's iPhone handsets

At long last, Chase Mobile has received support for Touch ID.

Apple Store app gets better security and Touch ID support

The latest update to the Apple Store app makes it easier to shop while keeping your account more secure.

Updated: Apple's photos of the Lightning dock hint at new iPhone 5c with Touch ID

In the photo shoot for the new Lightning dock, we can see what might be a new plastic-cased iPhone with Touch ID.

The future might see us unlocking our phones just by thinking about it

A researcher in Spain is working on developing "neural fingerprint" recognition that could provide highly secure biometrics.

Touch ID for App Store is broken in iOS 8.3

The first bug has appeared in iOS 8.3, affecting Touch ID for App Store purchases.

Apple Pay: a primer for new users

Learn how to enable and seamlessly use this nifty tool.

Just how secure is your fingerprint and Apple's Touch ID?

A hacker has some bad news for Apple Pay users.

Prospective Apple Pay partner Alibaba updates Alipay app with Touch ID integration

The Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba has just updated the official iOS app of its Alipay payment platform with support for Touch ID.

US Court: Passcodes are protected under the law

Criminals may want to protect their phone data with a passcode.

Protect your iPad mini 3 with your fingerprint thanks to Touch ID

Apple is bringing Touch ID to the new iPad mini 3 as well.

The iPad Air 2 offers a Touch ID sensor and will support Apple Pay for online purchases

Users will be available to take advantage of some parts of the Apple Pay mobile payment system.

Newly leaked images show A8X chip, Touch ID and more for Apple's 'iPad Air 2'

Apple's rumored "iPad Air 2" has made another partial appearance through several images showing some of its key components.

Apple Pay settings and reference to Touch ID on iPad found in iOS 8.1 beta

The first beta of iOS 8.1 has been found to include a couple of notable additions related to Apple Pay.

Touch ID can still be hacked on an iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

What you need to know about Touch ID on Apple's newest iPhones.

Increase security and convenience with these apps that use Touch ID login in iOS 8

Increase the security and convenience of your login experience by grabbing these apps, now with Touch ID support.

How to set up Touch ID on your new iPhone 6

Touch ID new for you? Here's how to set it up.

Evernote update for iOS 8 brings Web clipping, Touch ID unlock and more

With version 7.5, users can now save photos, documents, and Web pages as notes.

Readdle updates its apps for iOS 8 with support for iCloud Drive, Extensions and more

Readdle has updated its popular productivity apps with new capabilities that take advantage of the new features enabled in iOS 8.