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adult swim

Battle for respect in Adult Swim's Pocket Mortys, now on iOS

Enjoy Pokemon-inspired battles in the Rick and Morty universe.

Adult Swim's 'Attack the Light' is coming to Apple TV

Help Steven and the Gems defeat the malicious creatures of the light.

Welcome to Area 777, Adult Swim's slot machine and tower defense hybrid game for iOS

Ever played a slot machine slash stage magic slash alien invasion game?

Clash with the Viking clan in Adult Swim's Day of the Viking

But Day of the Viking is not another Clash of Clans clone, thank you very much.

How to spend a $25 iTunes gift card for Oct. 3, 2014

Our weekly list features five Adult Swim apps, "The Walking Dead," and more.

Adult Swim and PikPok deliver a hit with Adventure Xpress, a match-three puzzle RPG

Adult Swim and PikPok have done it again! This match-three puzzle RPG is a must for your collection.

Adult Swim releases Free to Slay edition of Castle Doombad

A freemium edition of Castle Doombad has just been released on the App Store.

Go On A Summer Slaycation With The First Ever Update To Adult Swim's Castle Doombad

With its first ever update, Castle Doombad is inviting you to go on a Summer Slaycation.

Be Bad To The Bone In Castle Doombad

It's your chance to finally be the villain and prevent the heroes from rescuing the princess in this challenging reverse tower defense game from adult swim.

It's Good To Be Bad In Adult Swim's Castle Doombad Reverse Tower Defense Game

Sometimes, it's good to be bad. And that's exactly the case in the newly released Castle Doombad.

AppAdvice's Top 10 Best Free iPhone Apps Of 2013

It's been a big year for apps, so come find out what our top 10 picks for free apps on the iPhone were for 2013.

AppAdvice Game Of The Week For Sept. 13, 2013

Get ready for a destruction filled weekend with our top game picks for the week!

Get Rollin' As The Giant Boulder Of Death

They see that giant boulder rollin', and they hatin' in the latest game from adult swim.

Adult Swim's New iOS Game Lets You Guide The Giant Boulder Of Death

Adult Swim is at it again. And by "it" I mean coming out with a humorously quirky games on iOS.

No Pain, No Gain: Join The Tag Team Trauma In Amateur Surgeon 3

Amateur Surgeon 3, the latest title in Adult Swim's hilarious series of surgery games, has just been checked in to the App Store.

AppAdvice Game Of The Week For May 3, 2013

Spend this weekend dashing as a majestic unicorn and wreck the city in our top game picks of the week!

Have Your Wishes Come True In Robot Unicorn Attack 2

The robot unicorn is back with a ton of new goodies.

Break Out And Dig Against The Clock In Super Mole Escape's Time Trial Mode

Super Mole Escape has just dug up its first major update, which contains a new mode and a bunch of other new stuff.

Can You Keep Everyone Happy In Girls Like Robots?

Keep the girls, the nerds, and the robots satisfied in this fun puzzle game.

AppAdvice Game Of The Week For October 12, 2012

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AppAdvice Game Of The Week For August 24, 2012

Have some fun this weekend with our top game picks of the week!

Do You Have What It Takes To Break Out Of The Big House? Find Out In Super Mole Escape

Adult Swim really knows how to make some fun and addictive games for your iDevice. The latest is another entry in the endless runner genre, but with some fun new twists.