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Amazon Underground is a great idea that needs to come to iOS

Amazon has a fresh new idea on how to bring you games and pay developers, too.

Amazon’s Fire TV overtook the Apple TV in US sales during 2014

Apple is expected to introduce a new model of the streaming device at an event in early September.

Amazon’s Launchpad showcases the newest gadgets from startups

The new initiative allows companies to market and sell products through the online retailer.

Why it’s okay that paid YouTube won’t have network TV

Network TV shows likely won't be on YouTube, but is that really a bad thing?

Fly into savings on just about everything with Jet

Look out Amazon, there's a Jet gunning for you.

Amazon's Prime Day is a letdown for iPhone and iPad owners

Amazon's Prime Day sale isn't all it could have been this year.

Amazon’s Prime Day will kick off starting early tomorrow morning

The online retailer is promising to offer twice the number of deals than on Black Friday.

Amazon promises Black Friday-like deals next week on Prime Day

To celebrate its 20th anniversary, Prime subscribers can take advantage of the deals on Wednesday, July 15.

Amazon Echo's home entertainment revolution has gone public

This new device could be the future of home entertainment and more.

Amazon’s Audible app receives support for Apple’s CarPlay in a new update

Version 2.5 of the audiobooks app also brings a revamped design for both iPhone and iPad users.

You can soon order Apple products from your wrist

The Apple Store app is coming to Apple Watch.

Apple's iBooks versus Amazon's Kindle

Which is the better app for reading e-books on iOS, Apple’s iBooks or Amazon’s Kindle?

Amazon's one-tap shopping app for Apple Watch is a boon to impulse buyers

Amazon has just updated its official iOS app with a new feature on iPhone and iPad and, more importantly, support for Apple Watch.

Amazon Game Studios unleashes Lost Within horror survival game on iOS

Amazon has released its first game for iOS under its Amazon Game Studios banner.

Kindle update adds iPhone support for flashcards, enhanced 'Before You Go' experience

Amazon has just sent out a nice update for Kindle's iOS app making two main changes.

Amazon's Music app adds ad-free Prime Stations with unlimited skipping

The Pandora-like feature is available to Prime subscribers.

Amazon Game Studios is bringing 4 new games to Apple's iOS

That's right: four new titles from Amazon Game Studios are coming to an App Store near you.

A look at Apple and other companies via their recruiting videos

Take a look at an Apple video compared to tech giants like Google, Twitter, and others.

Review: The Amazon Echo could offer a glimpse at the future of home entertainment

The Amazon Echo is a very interesting new device from the world's largest online retailer.

RadioShack is dead, so long live Amazon?

Amazon might buy some RadioShack stores.

Amazon Echo now lets you control Spotify, Pandora and iTunes using your voice

Amazon Echo now offers voice control support for two of today’s most popular streaming services and Apple’s media player app.

Amazon updates Cloud Drive Photos app with new features and new name

Amazon has just issued a significant update to the official iOS app of its cloud-based photo and video management service.