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apple watch

IDC estimates Q2 2015 Apple Watch sales of 3.6 million

Sales for the Apple Watch could be a lot higher than anyone has so far anticipated.

Angela Ahrendts implies students could possibly use the Apple Watch to cheat

Let’s hope Apple’s retail chief was simply joking in a recent internal video message to store employees.

Apple Watch is coming soon to all of Best Buy's stores

Best Buy's relationship with Apple is getting deeper, which will benefit many consumers.

Review: WatchPops add a burst of fun to your Apple Watch

WatchPops are an inexpensive way to customize your Apple Watch.

Apple could be planning smart bands for the Apple Watch

According to a new report, the straps could measure things like pulse oximetry and body temperature.

Samsung teases us some more with a Gear S2 video

Now that the teaser video for the Samsung Gear S2 has been released, we can surmise more details about the smartwatch.

How to use any brand watch band on your Apple Watch

There's no need to be limited by Apple's offerings or even third-party Apple Watch bands.

Fossil jumps head first into the smartwatch game with a line of new products

The popular analog watch maker is the newest company hoping to steal some of the Apple Watch’s thunder.

Appointments no longer necessary to try on Apple Watch

As it tries to boost Apple Watch sales, Cupertino is tweaking the sales process of the device in stores.

Apple makes it easier for watch users with larger wrists

Along with a new expansion kit for the Link Bracelet, Apple has unveiled a larger size of the Sport Band.

Report claims Apple Watch to make up 40 percent of premium watch sales by 2020

The Apple Watch is expected to take the premium watch market by storm.

Late to the game, thoughts on Apple Watch after 3 months

Late to Apple Watch, Karen offers her opinion on the wearable after three months.

Reply to email from your wrist with Microsoft Outlook

In a welcome update to Microsoft Outlook, the app's Apple Watch experience is greatly improved.

Nico Gerard integrates Apple Watch with its Swiss timepiece

If you've ever wanted to wear both a Swiss timepiece and an Apple Watch together, here's your chance.

Review: Pad & Quill’s Luxury Pocket Stand for Apple Watch

This elegant stand for Apple Watch is sure to impress.

Fashion Copilot adds sparkle to the Apple Watch

Fashion Copilot adds Swarovski Crystals and lots of sparkle to the Apple Watch.

Swiss watchmaker Mondaine jumps onto Apple Watch’s turf

The first of the Swiss entries into the smartwatch arena has arrived for preorder.

AppleCharmers Apple Watch bands add some feminine appeal

AppleCharmers bands bring a decorative, charming touch to the Apple Watch.

Did Cupertino really sell 4.2 million Apple Watches?

How many Apple Watches were sold during the wearable's first quarter is still seeing widely varied estimates.

Strong iPhone demand once again powers Apple's quarterly earnings

As expected, Apple didn't release specific Apple Watch sales figures.

Try Apple Watch before you buy it with Lumoid

This startup lets you try smartwatches, including Apple Watch, before you buy.

How satisfied are early adopters with their Apple Watches?

From the results of this study, satisfaction with Apple Watch is phenomenal.

Numbers for Apple's third quarter FY 2015 earnings call

Apple's earnings call is tomorrow, July 21, and we've got some numbers for you to consider.