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apple watch

Swiss watchmaker Mondaine jumps onto Apple Watch’s turf

The first of the Swiss entries into the smartwatch arena has arrived for preorder.

AppleCharmers Apple Watch bands add some feminine appeal

AppleCharmers bands bring a decorative, charming touch to the Apple Watch.

Did Cupertino really sell 4.2 million Apple Watches?

How many Apple Watches were sold during the wearable's first quarter is still seeing widely varied estimates.

Strong iPhone demand once again powers Apple's quarterly earnings

As expected, Apple didn't release specific Apple Watch sales figures.

Try Apple Watch before you buy it with Lumoid

This startup lets you try smartwatches, including Apple Watch, before you buy.

How satisfied are early adopters with their Apple Watches?

From the results of this study, satisfaction with Apple Watch is phenomenal.

Numbers for Apple's third quarter FY 2015 earnings call

Apple's earnings call is tomorrow, July 21, and we've got some numbers for you to consider.

New commercials show the Apple Watch used in everyday life

Apple shows how the device can be used to track fitness, communicate with family, and more.

Review: Luxurious leather Apple Watch bands by Lucrin

No Apple knock-offs here, just distinctive high-end leather bands for your Apple Watch

Review: Fuse Chicken’s Bobine Watch for the Apple Watch

How does this infinitely flexible watch stand compare to other options on the market? Let’s find out.

How can Apple Watch help with self-regulated learning?

Current research is exploring new ways to embrace technology in learning.

New Apple Watch Tinder app could let you follow your heart

An upcoming Apple Watch app measures your heart rate to see if you think people are hot or not.

Review: Orzly DuoStand Charge Station for Apple Watch & iPhone

The DuoStand holds both your Apple Watch and your iPhone in style.

Does the Apple Watch Sport offer users the best display?

It looks like the sapphire glass on the mid-range Apple Watch could inhibit its display in outdoor light.

Review: Leathersy Apple Watch bands offer unique style

This leather band for Apple Watch is different from anything Apple offers.

Apple Watch is more popular with developers than first iPhone

Apple Watch development is more popular than any of the previous first generation devices.

Adorn your Apple Watch with these 10 amazing bands

ROY G. BIV has nothing on this rainbow of gorgeous third party Apple Watch bands.

WatchAware: 10 useful Apple Watch tips

Our sister site, WatchAware, has come up with a great list of Apple Watch tips.

Say cheese: The Apple Watch 2 could sport a FaceTime camera

Scheduled for release sometime in 2016, the device will reportedly depend less on a connected iPhone.

Is Cupertino milking a cash cow with Apple Watch bands?

Apple Watch bands are expensive, but are they really too expensive compared to the competition?

WatchAware: The best 15 Apple Watch apps

Our sister site, WatchAware, has come up with a great list of Apple Watch apps.

OnTime for iOS is a virtual watch collector's toolbox

OnTime is an iOS app for luxury wristwatch wearers.

How can I reserve my Apple Watch for in-store pickup?

If you're confused about how to reserve and pick up an Apple Watch, check out this how-to guide.