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iPhone Rumors

'Better' and 'safer' Touch ID arriving on Apple's next iPhone

More details have leaked about the "iPhone 6s."

DisplaySearch Hypes Apple's 'iPhone 6,' 'iPad Pro' And 'iWatch'

Here's further proof Apple has big plans for 2014.

Don't Hold Your Breath For Apple To Release A Real Low Cost iPhone Anytime Soon

Releasing a low-cost iPhone would be an "insane idea."

Another Report Claims Apple Will Release A New iPhone This May

Another report claims the next iPhone will launch in May.

Envisioning Apple's 'iPhone 6 Air' And 'iPhone 6c'

What do you think of these new iPhone concept designs.

Experts Are Split On When Apple Will Release The 'iPhone 6'

The next crop of iPhones could arrive in June or October 2014.

Apple's 'iPhone 6' Could Be A Revolutionary Device

Your task: Design the perfect "iPhone 6."

WSJ, Bloomberg Claim Apple Is Developing Lower-End iPhone For Late 2013 Launch

Both The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg have echoed Digitimes in reporting that Apple is developing a cheaper iPhone to be launched in late 2013.

Latest Projection Is That Upwards Of 6 Million iPhones Could Be Sold During First Weekend

No surprise: The next iPhone could be a huge seller during its first weekend of release.

The New iPhone: Colors, Prices And Capacities Expected To Remain The Same

Were you expecting a 128GB iPhone that came in green? Think again.

The New iPhone Video You Have To See

A new video is making the rounds that reportedly shows the new iPhone in the wild.

Incredible! New Renderings Show What The iPad Mini Could Look Like

A new iPad Mini rendering and video show a tablet ready to shine.

Even Before The Next iPhone Is Unveiled, Cases Are Already Showing Up

Cases for the next iPhone are already leaking online.

As Bogus Photo Surfaces, New iPhone Sales Could Top 10 Million Units In First Week

A new report suggests that Apple could sell 10 million iPhones during the last week of September. Most likely, however, it won't be sold in the box shown here.

It's Real: Apple Announces Fall Event

Apple's long rumored fall event has just been announced. The event will be held at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, Calif. on Wednesday, Sept. 12 at 10:00 am PDT, according to invitations being issued by Apple.

The AppAdvice Week In Review

Hello September, what took you so long? Finally, the month that Apple should unveil the iPhone has arrived.

Don’t Look For Third-Party Accessories That Work With The Smaller Dock Connector Anytime Soon

A report says that Apple may have cornered the market for accessories featuring the smaller dock connector for the near future.

Apple Gets Ready To Raise The Curtain On New Product Launches

September and October could be huge months for Apple, as Cupertino gets ready to launch new products.

Thin Is In As New iPhone Photo Is Leaked

Another reported iPhone photo leaks. Yeah, we've seen it before.

Could The iPhone Be Delayed?

Japan's Sharp Corp. has yet to begin mass producing screens for the next iPhone. What could this mean?

The Next iPhone: It Isn't Bigfoot, But It Could Be The A6 Processor

A new photo might show the long-rumored A6 processor. Will it show up soon on the new iPhone?

Apple Wants You To Ditch Your iPhone 4S, Now Offering Trade-Ins

Apple is offering up to $345 for your used iPhone 4S.

Apple, Where’s The Invitation?

In 15 days, Apple is supposed to hold their annual fall event. However, as of now, something is missing for this event to happen.

The One Feature That Might Not Be Coming To The Next iPhone After All

Will they or won't they? New reports suggest one of the most anticipated new features on the new iPhone won't arrive at all.