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physics-based games

Swing, fling, and throw yourself to victory in King Tongue

When you're up against an army of bananas, a monkey's tongue is your greatest weapon.

Become a cutting master in Super Sharp, a physics puzzler

You have to think before you cut in the latest puzzle game from 1Button.

Run, hop and fight the darkness in Astra, a gorgeous platformer

Astra is a beautiful auto-running, physics-based platformer that you shouldn't miss.

Bend gravity to reach the goal in AGRAV: Inertial Orbit

Manipulate gravity to guide a ship through space in this challenging physics-based puzzle game.

Take to the skies and fabulously crash in Piloteer

Piloteer is a ragdoll physics-based game from Whitaker Trebella that makes failure incredibly fun.

Use physics and momentum to smash the particles in Blokshot Revolution, a challenging arcade game

Think you have great aim and timing? Put your skills to the test in Blokshot Revolution.

You're just a small ball living in a big ball world in Roto, a challenging physics-based puzzle platformer

If you're a fan of puzzle platformer games, then Roto is definitely one to check out this week.

Bounce to the goal in Gentlemen...Ricochet Mini!, a challenging retro physics puzzler

You'll have to be precise and fast to get through this retro physics-based puzzle game.

Adventure through magical tree tops with the Poppets, a cute and challenging arcade game

Are you a skilled balloon flier? Find out in this charming new arcade game.

Watch everything come together in A Mechanical Story, a charming puzzle game

This delightful puzzle game really makes you think about what you're doing before you do it.

Are you quick enough to keep the balls flying in TRIOO?

This beautiful and colorful arcade game will challenge your reflexes.

Fall through space to collect the stars in ORBB, an ethereal physics-based game

It's time to kick back and unwind this weekend with this zen-like planet-hopping game.

It's time to think like a jellyfish in Deep Under the Sky, a beautiful physics-based game

Explore a gorgeous new world as a jellyfish in Deep Under the Sky.

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Channel Your Destructive Side In The Beautiful And Abstract World Of Smash Hit

The new game from Mediocre AB is a definite "smash hit."

Sprinkle Islands Are On Fire And You Can Help Save The Day

Flaming garbage is destroying the Titan’s peaceful community. Help put out the fire in this physics-based casual game.

Plasma Pig Is Lost In Space And Needs Your Help Getting Home

Help a purple pig get back to Earth in this physics-based puzzle game.

Exploding Bombcats Save The Day

Explode these cuddly kitties in order to save their friends in this physics-based game.

This Is Not A Ball Game Plays Just Like A Ball Game

Free the genie’s magic and bring color to the world in this physics based game.

Earth Needs Your Help To Fix This Alien Kerfuffle

The aliens have crash-landed. Help bring the family together again in this physics-based game.

To Destroy The Microbial Monsters, You Must Stay Alight!

Shine your light on the enemy invasion and blast them off the planet in this physics-based game.

Wonderland Droids Will Take You Away On A Hot Air Balloon Adventure

Help an iron ball unite with his magnetic friend in this physics-based game.

Bounce Your Way To Happiness With Rubber Tacos - Amazing Family Adventure

Track down the pepper-stealing piñata in this universal physics-based game.

Be The Faceless Hero Of Stunt Star: The Hollywood Years

Jump over buses, buildings, and helicopters in this fun physics-based game.