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Unravel Dark Secrets As You Go Into Mirror, a Cyberpunk Action Platformer

Into Mirror is a gorgeous action platformer that will keep you occupied for some time.

Jump Through a Typographic World in MAJUSCULA, a Gorgeous Platformer

If you're a fan of challenging platformers and gorgeous typography, then this game is perfect for you.

Enjoy colorful and intense auto-runner action in Chameleon Run

You need top reflexes to survive in this awesome new autorunner from Hyperbolic Magnetism and Noodlecake Studios.

Become one with the ways of the ninja in Shadow Bug

Become an all-powerful ninja and cut down evil forces in this gorgeous puzzle platformer.

Lost Socks: Naughty Brothers is an exciting run-and-gun game

See where lost socks end up in this flashy and challenging game.

Elephants Can’t Jump, or can they?

Jump your way through the jungle collecting yummy peanuts and squashing the mean monkeys who steal them.

The wild platformer Circa Infinity will make your head spin

For an energetic, mind-bending challenge, try this new circular platformer that tests your timing and your focus.

Retro arcade puzzler Super Phantom Cat pounces onto iOS

This old-school, 2-D platformer will have you jumping, bouncing, and catching stars.

Try to roll your way to victory in the new platformer REC

A new physics-based platformer will definitely challenge you, but you won’t want to put it down.

Totes the Goat is set for endless, Qbert-style, hopping fun

Get ready for a new, endless, platform jumping adventure with silly characters and a lively theme.

Jump and fight for survival and karma in The Deer God

Living life as a deer is much harder than you think.

See how long you can survive in the dungeons of Tallowmere, a challenging roguelike platformer

Tallowmere, an action platformer roguelike originally on Steam, is now available on mobile. Is it worth checking out? Find out in our review.

Set out on an epic journey in Puzzle to the Center of the Earth

Dig and match your way to the center of the Earth in this fun puzzle game.

Save the town from an evil wizard in Goblin Sword, an epic action platformer for iOS

Get your fill of adventure this weekend with Goblin Sword, a fantastic retro action platformer.

Get another serving of puzzle platforming adventure in They Need To Be Fed 3

It's feeding time, and you're the meal! They Need To Be Fed 3 serves up another helping of satisfying puzzle platforming fun.

Multiplayer racing game Tiny Runners: BOOM! explodes with fun

This hectic 3-D racing game is full of commotion and all about the strategy.

Cat Gym Black is a physics-based platformer where cats fly

Check out our new Feature-Play videos of this cat-slinging game in action.

Feline is an arcade platformer turned into a cat-and-mouse game

This twisted cat-and-mouse game always starts the same.

Get ready to go retro with Bik, an upcoming platformer for iOS

Bik, an upcoming point-and-click adventure, is set to launch on the App Store in mid-August.

Crazy physics are what make iOS platformer Jump interesting

Tilting and jumping are easy until they become unfamiliar in this twisted platformer.

See Leo’s Fortune rethought as a Rube Goldberg machine in this awesome trailer

The award-winning game is taken to a new dimension.

Stomp, Double-Jump And Dash In The Platformer-Runner Mighty Adventure

Mighty Adventure is an upcoming platformer-runner with a difference.

Get Ready For A Real Challenge In Indie Platformer VVVVVV, Now On iOS

Defy gravity in this tough-as-nails platformer.

Pixel Press Floors Update Brings iPhone Support, Video Recording Option

With version 1.0.2, users can also take advantage of the faster Arcade browsing experience.