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one man left

Child’s Play And Doctors Without Borders To Receive Proceeds From 12 Independent App Developers This Month

Receiving a new iPad or iMac this holiday season would be a gift few of us would reject. Of course, we all know that giving is more important than receiving. With this in mind, 12 developers have joined together to pledge 25 percent of the sales of 12 of their apps, after Apple's 30 percent cut, to two charities. These are Child's Play and Doctors Without Borders.

Bryan M. Wolfe

One Man Left's Upcoming Game II Is "Something Completely Different"

Later this year, One Man Left will be looking to place their next big addictive title into the hands of iDevice gamers everywhere. Game II is only in the prototype stage, but its development path is headed to create an experience that's just as enjoyable, easy, and addictive as their current hit iOS game, Tilt to Live

Casey Tschida