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Lory Gil

Writer of all things app-related. Traveler of the space-time continuum and baker of really great cookies. Follow me @appaholik
Latest from Lory

Musician’s Corner: iRig HD Connects Your Instrument With High-Quality Sound, A Hands-On Review

Check out our review of IK Multimedia’s newest guitar-to-iOS interface adapter.

VintiqueCam Is Like Hipstamatic For Your Videos

Turn plain old video clips into vintage home movies with this editing app.

Baby Nom Nom Is Hungry And Needs Your Help Getting Food

Feed this little tyke before he loses his cool.

Now Next Later Makes Checking The Weather Easier Than Looking Out The Window

See the current temperature at a glance with this weather app that was designed with iOS 7 in mind.

Musician’s Corner: Tune Your Axe In Style With Tunable – Instrument Tuner

Tuning an instrument has never looked so good.

The Dark Slayers Have Come To Protect The World From Evil

Rescue kidnapped maidens in this side-scrolling adventure game.

Don’t Get Caught In This Riptide GP Or You’ll Be A Floater For Sure

Be the champion of water sports in this exciting racing game.

Laura Is Trapped And Needs Your Help Getting Out Of Her Dreamscapes

Use your skills at observation and deduction to solve mysteries in this point-and-click game.

Mega Circles: Strategy Puzzle Makes Your Fingers Work For Their Lunch

Grow circles to their fullest capacity in this puzzle challenge game.

Musician’s Corner: Voice Bot Is Robo-tastic

If you want to use a robot voice in your next song, you’ve got to check out this app.

Emily the Strange Needs Help Cleaning Out Her Closet In Zonster Heights

Help Emily the Strange find her guitar in this simple casual game.

Twin Moons Has Been Destroyed And You Can’t Remember Why

Solve the mystery of what took place at a dark, scary mansion in this point-and-click adventure game.

Never Give A Kamikaze Pig A Reason To Be Scared Or He May Shoot The Wrong Guy

Turn hamlets into pork pies in this chain reaction base puzzle game.

Ballad Of Solar: Brotherhood At War Will Turn You Into A Military Leader

Protect your kingdom from the Dark Sorcerer in this tower defense game.

Headed to Comic-Con? This Star Stalker Game Will Keep You Occupied While In Line

Chase down comic book celebrities in this witty endless runner game.

Musician’s Corner: Chordion Makes Music Easy To Play

Take your iPad to the next level, musically, with this synthesizer app.

Sine Mora Puts You In The Cockpit Of The Fastest Fighter Plane In The Galaxy

Take revenge on the enemies that killed your son in this action packed shoot ‘em up space game.

Bloody Harry Is On The Hunt For The Perfect Ingredients For Zombie Stew

“You’ve got to ask yourself one question, ‘Do I feel lucky?’ Well, do ya … punk?”

Sprinkle Islands Are On Fire And You Can Help Save The Day

Flaming garbage is destroying the Titan’s peaceful community. Help put out the fire in this physics-based casual game.

Devour All Humans 2 Makes Eating Body Parts Fun Again

Flesh-eating robots gobble human limbs in this fun casual game.

Battle Against Enemies To Prove Your Worth In Iesabel

Don’t let your guard down in this epic hack-and-slash adventure game.

This Greedy Dwarf Just Doesn’t Know When To Stop

Steal the dragon’s gold and get out of his lair before you get caught in this casual action game.

‘Hi Ho Silver!’ The Lone Ranger By Disney Rides Into The App Store

The quiet town of Colby needs a sheriff and you’re just the cowboy to handle it.

If You Are Good At Solving Puzzles, You May Be Able To Escape The Titanic

Use your brain to get out of a jam in this puzzle-based game.